Heidi Brucker Miranda RaeDanilo Mancinelli
Danielle Kreinik Jacqueline Anzalone
Executive Producer Paul D. Beeson Produced by Kirk Bowman & Danilo Mancinelli
Written & Directed by Kirk Bowman

"Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank" has just premiered as a direct-to-DVD release from Cranium Candy Entertainment. This new campy, gory horror movie is a fun addition to any horror collection.

Brief Synopsis:
Based on the true story of DeAnza's trip to the New World with a unique jewel box created by a Sorceress to the King of Spain in 1774. It was lost in the Burbank Mountains as DeAnza and his explorers were on route to San Francisco. The powers of the box intensified over the years so that women who open it and touch the jewels inside become mezmerized and turn into blood-sucking cannibals. The group of girls who long to be recognized Burbank Archeologists explore deep into the woods to find the box. When Gary stumbles across it and steals it for his girlfriend, he carelessly drops the jewels all over, creating a horrible nightmare in the fair city of Burbank. It's a race against time as Zack and Felicity try to destroy the box and save the world.

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